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Game Designer, 2D artist, Programmer



  • USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Arts – Interactive Media, 2019

Minor in Computer Science



  • Unity3D

  • C++ / C# / Java

  • Javascript / AJAX / HTML / CSS

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator

  • Audacity

  • Perforce

  • GitHub

  • Asana

  • Paper Prototyping


  • From Light                                                                                                                      (Mar 2016 - May 2017)

2D Artist

  • Concept overall visual design, the main character + side characters, and produce in-game assets using Photoshop.

  • Communicate with design and narrative divisions to convey their ideas visually to the player.

  • Arrange visual assets in the game by using Unity and Perforce.

  • lumpo                                                                                                                            (Oct 2016 – Nov 2016)

Lead Designer + Artist

  • Directed the design of the game and incorporated game mechanics into my personal memories so players could experience them.

  • Effectively communicated ideas with the programmer.

  • Concepted the overall aesthetic, produced in-game assets and promotional material.

  • SPACE-SHIPPED                                                                                                          (Oct 2015 – Nov 2016)

Designer + Lead Artist

  • Designed various mechanics that helped balance the game and promoted teamwork.

  • Concepted building company mascots for the game that represented the player teams.

  • Produced promotional assets and official character art.

  • Ectoplaza                                                                                                                      (Nov 2015 – Apr 2016)

UI Designer + 2D Artist

  • Designed in-game UI that keeps track of player number, number of lives left, number of rounds won,   and ultimate attack charge. The UI could easily be altered to match different modes of the game.

  • Concepted characters that were used in the final version of the game, and produced in-game assets and animation.

  • Ga                                                                                                       (Sept 2015 – May 2016)

Designer + Artist

  • Designed puzzles for a narrative escape room-esque physical game and iterated designs based on player feedback for immersion and clarity.

  • Concepted and produced art in a style that helped set the overall mood and theme of the game.


  • Game Designer                                                                                                   (August 2016 – May 2017)

Tracking Ida

  • Best Gameplay at Games for Change, IndieCade 2017 Showcase Select, USC Thesis Show

  • Iterative puzzle design, paper prototyped puzzles with the team for this educational ARG.

  • Researched Ida B. Wells for accurate representation + designed experiences around her past.

  • Game Designer + Artist + Programmer                                                     (January 2017 – May 2017)

Dandelion Child

  • Co-creator, designed game mechanics, created a burn-down chart, illustrated in-game assets, and collaborated with external music composers for this experimental meditative game.

  • Programmed in Unity, created rapid prototypes in-engine, merged code using Perforce.

  • Ran weekly playtests and iterated the game based on player feedback.

  • Game Designer                                                                                                           (May 2017 – Current)

    • Designed and grayboxed puzzles with multiple solutions using custom tools in Unity for this open-world potion crafting game (a USC thesis project).

    • Created game documentation for game mechanics, potion effects, and puzzle solutions.

    • Collaborated and communicated ideas extensively with art and engineering team members.

  • UI Designer + Artist                                                                                     (Nov 2015 – Apr 2016)

    • IndieCade 2015 eSports Select, Released on Nintendo WiiU

    • Designed and produced in-game UI in Photoshop that keeps track of player information, communicated with engineers for UI implementation for this party action game.

  • Game Designer + Artist                                                                               (Oct 2016 – Nov 2016)

    • Co-creator, designed connected mini-experiences for this personal experimental game.

    • Worked closely with the programmer to discuss implementation details and design decisions.

    • Produced all visual assets and promotional material in Photoshop, multiple let’s play videos.

  • Game Designer  + Artist                                                                              (Sept 2015 – May 2016)

Beautiful Corner

  • IndieCade 2016 E3 Showcase select, Featured at USC Thesis Show

  • Fantastical escape room-like game designer, paper prototyped puzzles for playtesting.

  • Concepted and illustrated art that helped set the overall mood and visual style of the game.

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